The ROCK HEAT ENGINEERING INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was established in 1988, with the purposes of performing business in the invention, design, construction, fabrication, installation, manufacturing and distribution of different painting booths, spray booths, ovens (baking ovens, drying ovens, curing ovens) and drying equipment. etc.
We have much experience in specific custom design, machine plant design, processing design and product units.
We are also specialized in various drying processes, paint drying and drying equipment.  
Our products come in all sizes and can be used with factories of all sizes.  
We are developing our product all the time to cope with the ever changing environment around Thailand and every where around the globe. To produce our high quality products we stand by our philosophy and use the very best components and proven materials. To satisfy specific customer specifications, requirements and regulations, we think that it's our obligation to offer our customers the most efficient, reliable and accurate machines possible.
Not only invention and manufacturing as previously stated but our company also offers customers a service of design, construction, after sales maintenance and guarantee etc., for customer metal paneled containers, booths and oven. We are backed by our skilled workforce and experienced engineers who are dedicated to customer satisfaction locally and worldwide.